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Friday, July 23, 2010

Lavender: A Wedding Theme Color that just never goes out of Style!

Dizzy Daisies Invitation
A bright white invitation is layered
on top of a lavender backer.
A contemporary daisy
design is featured.
While the color purple has long been symbolized as the color of royalty, it's lighter counterpart lavender, symbolizes femininity. Since lavender is the off-spring of the deeper purple, it translates the royalty, with a romantic and nostalgic twist...without the mystery of the deeper shade. Because of this, it's no wonder that lavender continues to be a favorite wedding color that just never goes out of style.

When selecting your invitation for your "lavender" affair, a wedding, sweet sixteen, or other event, be sure to incorporate this color into your invitation as well. After all, your invitation is your guest's first impression of your event and provides a preview of your theme and what's to come.

Here is a fabulous "real-life wedding" example of how one Bride incorporated a purple, lavender and pink color palette into her big day!  "I've always been drawn to girlie colors of pinks and purples," says newly-wed Bride, Megan Starja. "When I choose the bridesmaid dress I fell in love with the orchid (lavender) color swatch and decided that would be my color and theme of our wedding day."
The Happy Bride & Groom, Megan & Conrad
with their Bridal Party at Beckwith Pointe, New Rochelle, NY
Vibrant Hydrangea Invitation
A white z-fold invitation insert tucks
away perfectly into this translucent
pocket featuring a purple
hydrangea on the front.
The talented Event Planner behind this exquisite wedding, Formerly Miss Event Planning of Westchester, NY, is among Yvonne's invitations most recognized "Circle of Vendors." Maria, the Senior Event Planner & owner of Formerly Miss is credited for her tremendous ability in creating top-notch events her clients have only dreamed of! Click here to learn how to turn your event into a "Formerly Miss Event."
Bride's cake selection with
adorning lavender roses
& tea-length ecru invitation.

For more information on how to incorporate "Lavender" into your wedding invitations, favors or accessories, contact Yvonne directly at (516)567-9611 for suggestions and recommendations, or visit our Yvonne's Invitations & Favors website.

Purple Passion Invitation
The purple and pearl border around this bright white card
adds a little splash of color to your wedding ensemble