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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3 "Must-Have" Accessories in your "iPhone Wardrobe"

Yvonne is certainly the "invitations" lady but in a prior life, I was also a buyer for a major National Retailer here in the United States who purchased electronic accessories, cell phone accessories and other fun must-have gadgets for point-of-sale retail. As a buyer for this category of product, yep...I've seen it all when it comes to cell-phone accessories, particularly for iPhone. But at the end of the day, I can certainly sum-up 3 must-have all iPhone users must-have in their "Accessories Wardrobe." At the end of this post, you will find more information on Coupster.Co that offers these great accessories at amazing prices, along with Coupon Codes. 

3 "Must-Have" Accessories to have in your "iPhone Wardrobe":
1. Your "Must-Have" Everyday Black Dress:
The first is your everyday iPhone case. Color of choice for me is black. It's like having that black dress that you just can't do without, that never goes out of style and that you simply must-have as one of your wardrobe essentials. Take this Black Hybrid iphone 5 Case, for instance. This is a top pick for me from Coupster.Co, a great new website just launched that offers iPhone cases at very affordable prices. A top-pick for me because it has two layers of advanced protection for everyday use. The top layer is a hard shell for impact protection and the inner layer is a silicon skin cover that fits ideally over the hard-shell cover for a comfortable grip. It also includes a kick-stand for hands-free use or movie-watching. 
2. Your "At Play" Outfit:
So life is not all about work and no play, right? Because you deserve a little fun in the sun every now and then, no wardrobe is complete without a swim suit. Whether it is a one-piece or an itsy-bitsy-yellow-polka-dot bikini, you need a swim suit that will do the trick at the pool, boat or beach. This Black Aqua Box Aryca Style waterproof iPhone 4 & 4S Case, from Coupster.Co is a must-have for iPhone or iTouch users. This case, hands-down is the best water-proof solution! It is waterproof up to 20 feet and you don't even lose the the touch-screen functionality or camera and video recording capabilities with its interactive silicon sheath. This case even protects from sand and mud! Here's an extra even comes equipped with adjustable strap.
3. Your "Just-in-Case" Accessories:
In your wardrobe, I bet you must have things such as raincoats, galoshes, hats, and umbrellas for those days when you need them most.  As it downpours, isn't it a nice feeling protected and saying to yourself "Thank goodness, I brought my umbrella with me!"? Well, same holds true with your iPhone wardrobe. For those "just-in-case" moments, every iPhone user needs to have a back-up battery pack in times when more juice is needed. Coupster.Co also offers this Black Morphie Juice Pack for iPhone 4 & 4S. It's an external battery power pack and a protective hard-shell case in one! You can charge and sync your iPhone to iTunes without having to remove it from the case. The advanced battery technology delivers a great amount of "juice" for times for when you need it the most. Available in an array of cool colors. 

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