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Friday, January 13, 2012

Have you met Yvonne's Little Sister?

Meet Our Sister Company!
If you haven't already heard, Yvonne's Invitations & Favors LLC has a new sister company called Yvonne's Candy Bar Boutique! Our new shop specializes in "embellished" candy bar favors that can be personalized for any event, big or small!

Add a Little Sparkle to Your Party!
What do we mean by "embellished"...?
Our candy bar shop differs from others through the way we embellish our candy bars. Our candy bars are made-to-order and customers have the option to have them embellished with glitter, rhinestones, ribbon or other trinkets. Our shop offers "hand-made' products and we put a lot of TLC into each and every order :)

Leave all the work to us!
We also differ from other shops because we don't sell down-loadable files. We do all the work for you by assembling and embellishing the candy bars and shipping them to you 100% complete. This way, we take on all the work so you can concentrate on other details for your upcoming event. For the DIY'ers, we do offer wrappers only that come with foil, if desired.

Get the whole Coordinating Look!
Aside from candy bars, in our shop you will also find embellsihed invitations, water bottle labels, favor tags and more! Complete your entire party look with all of these coordinating party accessories in one convenient stop.

Can't find what you're looking for?
If you don't see anything in our shop that catches your eye or matches your party theme, no worries! Just left us know what you are looking for, and we can do it!

Stop by our boutique today and see what the sparkle is all about!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HOT WEDDING TRENDS 2012: Rustic, Opulent and Romantic!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday season ;) Congratulations to you if you were engaged over the holidays!! Whether you are newly engaged and looking for ideas, or already engaged and have a wedding fast approaching, Yvonne ( has the latest in HOT trends in-store for this year! In this blog post we focus on 3 trends we are seeing at shows, recent events and all over the internet:  Rustic, Opulent & Romantic!

Back to Basics...
Rustic is a keyword in style this year, meaning going back to simplicity, going back to the heartland...making use of materials such as burlap, twine, raffia, wood and bamboo. Take a look at these pictures I picked up throughout the internet showing the use of these simple materials in various wedding elements, from twine tied around a bouquet of flowers to burlap on a wedding cake.
wedding bouquet details 

Here is an example of a very practical favor that we offer on our website that can easily blend in to this rustic theme. It is a natural bamboo set of coasters that is eco-friendly. It comes tied in raffia with a tag included. These are as low as $1.50 per a favor set of 4 coasters and fits in perfectly into this "back-to-basics" theme. 
view larger picture  

Simplicity goes a long way...
The irony in this rustic trend is that it is also seen combined with opposite touches of opulence and riches such as rhinestones, sequins and crystal. Here is another picture I picked up from the web. It features an elegant setting with simple white chairs in burlap sashes, alongside a table adorned in rhinestone-accented candles. Again, simplicity mixed with opulence with just the right touches...goes a long way in 2012! 
Burlap wedding chair decor

Crystal and Chandeliers...
Speaking of crystal...chandeliers and sequin embellishments also happen to be very big in 2012. We see lots of crystal touches, especially with the use of chandeliers throughout,  such as in this elegant table setting below. Whether you use real or faux crystal touches, the look and feel opulence is prevalent.

This theme is also seen in other details such as favors, completing the glamour of the day. Look at this elegant crystal votive holder that we offer here, on Yvonne's Invitations & Favors. As low as $3.50 per favor, this multi-faceted votive holder, will shine brilliantly on your tables!
view larger picture 

Silhouettes of crystal chandeliers are seen throughout invitations and in favors. This is just one of the invitations carried on our Yvonne's Invitations & Favors website, fittingly called "Fancy Chandelier." This is a shimmery invitation in gold which creates the feel of richness. 

Here is one of our chandelier-themed favors, which is personally one of my favorites. Mirror-glassed coasters are not just practical favors but can also serve to light up every reception table with their reflection, in the way they are openly packaged.
view larger picture

Romance through Lace...
Romance is seen this year in a way it has not been seen in recent years. It is the big dream of fairy-tale romance that accentuated this year with lots and lots of lace, ruffles, scalloped decor. We hear the words "Royalty", "Victorian", "Dramatic" and "Fairy-tale" used to describe wedding fashion, especially this year. 
Ian Stuart Antoinette wedding dress from his 2011 bridal collection

To create this feel from the very beginning, send out extravagant invitations such as this one we carry below, called "Vintage Gold." This invitation with its gold-shimmer touches will set the perfect tone for your romantic or vintage wedding. 
Vintage Gold 
For more information on how to create any of these looks for your wedding or next event, whether big or small, please contact Yvonne at